9 Brand Monitoring Tools For B2B Businesses

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is a popular tool mostly used for social media management. People deploy this tool when it comes to scheduling their content and posts on social platforms. But it has others uses as well which have not been explored yet. You can add search queries for your brand and whenever there is a mention, it will alert you through notifications.

2. SEM Rush

Tracking the mentions of your brand, business or social profile is hard. However, it will be like a piece of cake if you start using SEM Rush tool. This is the best and the most powerful SEO tool which also allows brand monitoring too. It discovers all possible places and locations where the brand has been mentioned. You can also do other things like insights about the competitors’ works and many more.

3. Brandwatch

Here comes one of the best and the most comprehensive detail offering tool for brand monitoring. With Bandwidth, you can track mentions of your brand across 700 million sources. It supports over 27 languages. With this tool, you will be able to see where the comments are coming and what kind of effects the comments have on the shares and traffic.

4. Mention

As the name shows, this tool is widely used when it comes to tracking brand mentions across the web. No matter which platform you are using this tool will detect the mentions and accurate positions to help you monitor the performance. It has free as well as a paid version. With the tool, you can also track competitors and compare performance for better assessment.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the widely used tools for content marketing. It allows users to generate and gather amazing ideas for their content. However, it also makes it easy for brands to monitor themselves. You can search by your brand name and it will show you all the places where your brand is mentioned.

6. Talkwalker Alerts

This is a very relevant tool for monitoring brands. With Talkwalker tool, you can search with the keywords. Like, you will enter the brand name and use keywords to find mentions and track the brand. Further options like filters and search choices are also provided in order to check for content type, language and other factors.

7. Social Searcher

Here we have a useful and very efficient tool for tracking social media performance of B2B brands. You don’t get much options without any tools and tracking brands is cumbersome. But Social Searcher makes it quite easy for all the users to track their brands and check performance. It has a free version as well as paid one which provides greater capabilities.

8. Website Visitor Tracking

If you are not aware, website visitor tracking is a tool for b2b businesses to find out who visits their website. This can often be a mis-used and mis-understood tool for marketers who are unaware how to leverage brand monitoring value from the data. Through ideal customer profiling and automated trigger reports, you can really start to gauge a picture of who is engaging with your brand and start planning around this. The tool is quite expensive but there are alternatives to Lead Forensics which allow for a return on investment through sales and brand insights.

9. Google Alerts

Google offers some amazing free tools for digital marketing and tracking brands. Google Alerts in one such tool which offers a good number of useful features making brand monitoring a simple task. Just add the brand name and it will start finding all the mentions and send you notifications. You can also use search and filter options.